About us

HOLIFA is a private owned and world-wide operating German lubricant producer. For more than 60 years now, HOLIFA has developed, produced and distributed high quality metal forming lubricants for the sheet metal and the wire industry. During this period of time we have gained great experience from direct co-operations with domestic and international customers. This deep knowledge of metal forming processes is being used together with the latest scientific results to develop and renew our product range continuously. Beside our broad standard lubricant portfolio, we are also specialized in the development of tailor-made lubricant solutions for sheet metal forming operations as well as for wire drawing applications for our customers.

Products and services

HOLIFA produces and offers metal forming lubricants mainly for the production of auto parts. Our main product range consists of more than 150 quality-proofed products for metal forming processes.

Our main products are 

  • Fineblanking oils
  • Drawing oils
  • Forming oils
  • Wire drawing powders
  • Wire drawing pastes
  • Wire drawing oils

HOLIFA Fröhling GmbH & Co. KG
Elseyer Str. 8
58119 Hagen

Phone: +49 2334 95590
Fax: +49 2334 56327
Internet: www.holifa.com
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Contact person

Dr. Friedhelm Junker
Managing Director
Phone: +49 2334 95590
E-mail: Send message

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